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Todays’ mortgage marketplace is fast-paced and complex. We’re here to help, providing honest, personalised advice, and the expertise to ensure you find the very best deal for you.


We’ll help you protect your home & lifestyle, just in case the worst happens. Our trusted advisers will recommend personalised life and home insurance solutions for you.

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Now & in the future. Regular customer contact is a fundamental part of our service; we’ll make sure you always have the best all-round financial advice. We don’t stop at just your mortgage.

What we Offer

From initial free impartial advice, to securing a mortgage, completing on your new home, considering protection and safeguarding your financial future. Our trusted team of expert advisors will be with you every step of the way.

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About Us

We’re here to offer our customers truly personalised, impartial mortgage advice, and a service that’s second to none. Our small team of expert advisers scrutinise the whole market, from independent building societies to big high street lenders. Helping you to secure the very best mortgage deal, whether you’re a first time buyer, buying to let, remortgaging your home, or moving up the property ladder. Our approach is caring and supportive. We’ll be at your side throughout the entire mortgage process – and won’t rest until you complete on your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fixed rate mortgage?

With a fixed rate mortgage, the interest rate stays the same for a set period of time. This means that for every month during this set period, your mortgage repayments will remain the same, even if there are changes with changes to the Bank of England base rate, or your lenders’ standard variable rate (SVR).The term of a fixed rate mortgage usually lasts between two to five years, but can be much longer. When this period comes to an end, your lender will typically transfer you automatically onto its SVR.

For more information on the pros and cons of fixed rate mortgages give one of our advisors a call and they can advise on the best option for your circumstance.

When will interest rates go up?

It’s impossible to predict with any certainty when interest rates will rise again – there are no hard or fast rules about when exactly it will happen.

The most important thing for borrowers is to be sure that if you’re on a tracker, discount or other variable rate mortgage – you could still afford your repayments if rates went up by 2%. Although it’s unlikely that rates would rise by 2% in a short period, it’s not impossible.

On Black Wednesday back in 1992, the Chancellor raised interest rates by 2% in one day, and a further 3% shortly thereafter. Although this was an extreme event, it goes to show that movements in interest rates can be unpredictable.

For more information about how interest rate changes could affect your mortgage give one of our advisors a call and they can advise on the best option for your circumstance.

Interest only or repayment mortgages

There’s all sorts of jargon to get to grips with when considering mortgages, but one of the most crucial matters to grasp is the difference between an interest-only and a repayment mortgage.

Interest-only mortgages only require you to pay the lender interest charges each month – the money you originally borrowed is then repayable in one lump sum at the end of the term of the loan. You are expected to have some sort of savings vehicle in place to produce the funds to make this repayment.

With a repayment mortgage, on the other hand, you pay interest charges each month but also make a small repayment of the original advance. At the end of the term of the mortgage – usually 25 years – you’re debt-free with no more to pay.


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For financial assistance I can’t recommend AMW enough, I’ve been delighted by the outcome.

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AMW has been marvelous for my business, their professionalism has been exemplary.

Louise Smith — Bradford

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